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Tưởng tượng bạn là cô bé lọ lem hãy nhắc lại mẩu chuyện "cô nhỏ bé Lọ Lem" bởi 1 đoạn văn ngắn ( bằng tiếng anh)


I have read many fairy tales of the world but I am still impressed with Cinderella. Cinderella in the story is beautiful, gentle và very naive. She had a long time of suffering to find a perfect happiness.

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Cinderella is so beautiful! The figure of her small, tall girl. The oval, delicate face stood out, the skin was white and pink và smooth. The black eyes, bright and shining beneath the natural curling eyelashes, increased the charm of the eyes. The long, curved willow eyebrows increase the natural look of those charming eyes. The coconut veral nose peaked beauty for her face. Soft, plump, shiny lips a thin lipsk. The white, steady teeth keep poking between the lips, hiding a beautiful beauty. đen hair, silky smooth hair across shoulders. Usually Cinderella only wore a ragged, patched patch khổng lồ clean the house. The face of the Cinderella is so beautiful that she always gets smudged because she has lớn sweep the place where the house or at is dirty. Because of her lemongrass form, she was called Cinderella. Cinderella is very hardworking, always cleaning her feet. She is very cool or good. Cinderella has a very good streak: gentle, gentle, hardworking - the best qualities và qualities of women.

Cinderella"s life has a long và arduous journey to find true happiness. To lead to lớn that good result is a long story.

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As a child, Cinderella lived very happily with her parents in a spacious, comfortable house. Suddenly, her mother became seriously ill and died. Her father took her next wife. The stepmother had two children of the same age as Cinderella. Her two children are thin, they are fat. After that, Cinderella"s father suffered an accident so he also died. After his death, the stepmother forced her khổng lồ serve and submit khổng lồ her mother và daughter. The splendid sets, the beautiful shoes and the magnificent decorated room were too far away for Cinderella. The mother-in-law for Cinderella wore junk suits, patched boots & rough shoes. She forced her khổng lồ work on her feet. Two of her own children only know how khổng lồ play, lethargy, live the happy life that Cinderella should have. The xinh đẹp Cinderella can only be in the dusty, dirty at, filled with rotten old goods & she has friends who are rats. Then one day, Hoang from the reception buổi tiệc nhỏ invited the mother and her stepmother and even Cinderella. But she only bought và dressed herself & her two ugly children. She even forced Cinderella khổng lồ pick up beans khổng lồ fling her hands without going to a party. May have a fairy lớn help her, she had a gorgeous outfit, a beautiful car to attend the party. Cinderella danced with the prince after twelve hours - now she told her that if the miracle would not be gone. She hastily dropped the shoe lớn make the prince look everywhere. Finally, the prince found the owner of the shoe. The Prince found his fiancée - Cinderella & married her to be his wife. The lives of two people are very happy.

Cinderella is a girl who is na, gentle and very beautiful. With her pure soul and good qualities, she found her true happiness. Through the story, I understand that people who are good, gentle, gentle will be rewarded.