Tales Of Demons & Gods is a tale fans have khổng lồ pay attention to, or they may over up missing a story beat or development.

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The story of the manga Tales of Demons and Gods is a simple one to follow. Glory City, the sole remaining thành phố in the world, will fall within three years, leaving humanity nowhere else to lớn go. The only thing standing in the way of the cities" destruction is Nie Li, a protagonist who managed khổng lồ pass on his memories of that day lớn his thirteen-year-old self.

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The story is much like a time travel story, where Nie Li is trying to set right what went wrong in the future. As with most stories that use that format, it"s a tale fans have lớn pay attention to, or they may kết thúc up missing a story beat or development.


Given that Tales of Demons và Gods is a web-based manga out of trung quốc (or manhua as they hotline it), the animated series may be most people"s first introduction khổng lồ the series.

Thankfully, despite being all CGI, the series isn"t poorly designed, unlike many other anime series that have tried khổng lồ go that route. Berserk is one that instantly comes lớn mind. Unfortunately, the animated series isn"t always that faithful lớn the source material as the entirety of season 2 is made up by the studio.

Every protagonist of an kích hoạt series is going lớn have something that they are better at than most people, or how else are they going to over up saving the world? For Nie Li, that"s alchemy rather than straight-up combat.

With the knowledge given lớn him by his future self, he surpasses even the director of the alchemy guild. It"s a little odd seeing a 25-year-old woman following around a thirteen-year-old boy like a servant, but it works since she"s only doing it to lớn get his recipes.


As far as Nie Li is concerned, it"s a monster attack that razed Glory thành phố in the past timeline, but naturally, there is far more at play. There"s a lot of political intrigue at play in the manga"s story.

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Sitting at the đứng đầu of it are the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild who help push their interests onto the city. Even their partnership is in constant flux as the Dark Guild ends up going off on their own, leaving the Sacred Family behind.


One of the things that Tales of Demon and Gods does well is making sure Nie Li"s powerups don"t come out of nowhere, as is often the case in even some of the best kích hoạt series. He"s got a vast amount of knowledge because of his transferred consciousness, and even his nguồn as a demon spiritualist makes sense.

One fight, in particular, stands out against Chu Yuan. Yuan tried to lớn attack Nie Li"s soul, disrupting his spiritual energy, và only managed lớn empower Nie Li in the process.

One interesting aspect of the story is the fact Nie Li has to hide the fact he knows as much as he does from most people. Some of the higher-ups are aware of how smart he is, and word begins khổng lồ travel around the city, but at the start of the story, Nie li has khổng lồ act far dumber than he is.

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It"s difficult for him khổng lồ hold back at times, forcing himself to remember he"s meant lớn be an academy student Holy Orchid rather than the savior of Glory thành phố he"s fashioned himself as.

5/10 Humanity Is The One That Started The War With The Demon Beasts Rather Than The Other Way Around

Normally, anything demonic is always going to be the bad guy with little redeeming qualities. This is especially the case when it"s established that they are the ones that end up destroying Glory City. That isn"t the case in Tales of Demons & Gods.

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The war between the two sides was actually started by humanity when they began to lớn grow fearful of how powerful one of the demon beasts was getting. After unsuccessfully trying khổng lồ kill it, the beast led a crusade against humanity.

It"s not that out of the ordinary for manga authors to pay respect to each other. The Big Three were notorious for dropping in Easter eggs from each other"s series, especially in One Piece.

Tales of Demons & Gods is no different & even takes it a step further at times. One look at Nie li, and it"s hard to lớn not think of naruto or Ichigo. There have also been plenty of moments of characters performing hand seals, much as they do in Naruto.

Anyone who"s ever watched a time-travel movie knows that messing with the timeline will affect the events of the future & not always in a good way. Everything done has a ripple effect that could produce drastic changes.

That"s what Nie Li slowly starts khổng lồ find out after trying to lớn smear the Sacred Families" name through the mud. It"s inadvertently pushing their plans for the city out of desperation, giving Nie Li less time lớn avert disaster.

Even without reading the manga, one look at Hu Yan Lan Ruo, and the assumption can be made that she"s there strictly for fanservice. She"s always in revealing clothing & has a personality that"s as subtle as a brick.

She"s flirty lớn a ridiculous degree and comes off as a ditz on more than a few occasions. That"s all a mask for what"s a pretty shrewd woman. She uses her charms and wilds to disarm people, allowing her lớn get what she wants. In the future, she even becomes the head of her family.

Ranking systems and power levels are pretty par for the course when it comes to lớn an action-style manga, & Tales of Demons & Gods follows the same route. The ranks are as follows: Bronze, Silver, Gold, đen Gold, and Legendary. It helps give a rough idea of how powerful someone is going khổng lồ be, even if Nie Li defies all the rules given the knowledge he has housed inside him.

Surprisingly, one of the strongest spiritualists, Ye Mao, only shows up in the story after 200+ chapters, building the hype to lớn see a legendary rank in action.

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