Supernatural Season 13 Episode 10 Review: Wayward Sisters

The whole Bloodlines storyline had great potential, but it never struck the right chord with fans. There was never in real investment with the character they introduced, but thankfully they turned things around quickly a decision to focus on someone the fandom truly loves. 

While I have never been the biggest fan of Claire, I enjoyed the way she just barged in on the monsters with guns blazing to lớn save the girl.

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She has grown as a hunter, but I understood where Jody was coming from. Jody sees Claire as her daughter, và she doesn"t want to see anything terrible happen to lớn her. 

Furthermore, if I had a woman come khổng lồ my home, whose known lớn have pretty accurate visions, tell me someone I care about is going khổng lồ die I"d lock them in their room. Claire"s been extremely stubborn, but she should have given Patience a chance to explain things a little bit more instead of just shutting her down completely. 

Was anyone else having visions of Sam và Dean when it came lớn Claire và Alex? I found myself enjoying the back và forth bantering between the two of them. I was pleased lớn see Alex putting her life together, và trying to địa chỉ cửa hàng some bit of normalcy to lớn her life; though we all knew it wasn"t going khổng lồ last very long. Poor Alex. 

It was incredibly convenient Kaia would be the Jane Doe khổng lồ show up at the very hospital Alex worked at, but hey, we gotta move the storyline somehow. At least she was able to lớn offer up some clues as to lớn what kind of world Sam và Dean had fallen into. 

I wasn"t shocked to lớn see Claire & Kaia bonding. Claire has been through a lot through the years, & it wasn"t difficult to see some of Claire in Kaia. Kaia was a scared young woman who had no one lớn protect her -- essentially she was Claire from a few years ago when she wanted no help from Sam, Dean, and Castiel. 


Who else loved when Patience proved to lớn Claire her visions were real?

Even though the house was destroyed, it was wonderful seeing Patience prove she wasn"t a fake. I"m looking forward to them fleshing out her character more because her powers have proven lớn be extremely useful to lớn everyone. Who doesn"t want a psychic on their team? 

Of course, my favorite moment had to be when Donna showed up. There"s just something about Donna which makes me smile. Case in point, when she goes into her trunk khổng lồ get something from her arsenal, her response for having all those guns was because she is from Minnesota.

You can"t help but laugh at the things she says, but also respect her as a hunter. 

Who knows how to use a flamethrower?


While I knew Jody would ask Claire to lớn stay behind -- the whole death prophecy had everyone on edge -- she had to know Claire would eventually show up at the abandoned building.

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When it came down to lớn it if Claire had stayed behind it didn"t mean Patience vision would just never come true. Claire wanted khổng lồ be there for the guys especially after the numerous times they have saved her. 

Was anyone else a little irritated with the way Kaia was killed? The poor girl had maybe one day lớn have some happiness, & then bam, she"s dead.

I was hoping we"d get more on her backstory. I"m also disappointed we won"t see more bonding between her and Claire. It also wasn"t a huge shock when the person in the hood turned out lớn be Kaia -- it made the most sense. 


It was also disappointing not seeing more of the other world. I was kind of hoping the guys would have been stuck there for at least another episode lớn see more exploration of the world. Guess we will just have to count on Jack lớn save Mary now. 

In the end, it was pretty heartwarming seeing the ladies comes together & have a nice dinner. The chemistry between all the actors is wonderful. I have to lớn say they hit it out of the park with this backdoor pilot. 

Now it"s your turn to lớn tell me what you think. Did you think this was a good introduction khổng lồ Wayward Sisters? bởi vì you want to see more from these ladies? bởi you think it was premature khổng lồ kill Kaia? Let me know what you think, và what you would have changed, in the comments below. 

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