a bird"s-eye view of

Idiom(s): a bird"s-eye view of sthTheme: SUMMARYa brief survey of something; a hasty look at something. (Refers to the smallness of a bird"s eye.)• The course provides a bird"s-eye view of the works of Mozart, but it doesn"t khuyễn mãi giảm giá with them in enough detail for your purpose.• All you need is a bird"s-eye view of the events of World War II khổng lồ pass the test.

a fresh pair of eyes

a different reader, one who has not seen the writing A fresh pair of eyes may find many errors in this report.

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a sight for sore eyes

something or someone you are happy lớn see Well, my friend, you are a sight for sore eyes. Good to see you!

all ears/eyes

attentive(by listening or looking closely)全神贯注地倾听(注视)Now children,I want you to lớn be all ears in class.孩子们,我要求你们在课堂上专心听讲。

all eyes

watching carefully, staring When the fire truck arrived, the children were all eyes.

all eyes & ears

Idiom(s): be all eyes (and ears)
Theme: ALERTNESSto be alert for something lớn happen; to lớn wait eagerly for something to happen or for someone or something khổng lồ appear.• There they were, sitting at the table, all eyes. The birthday cake was soon to be served.• Nothing can escape my notice. I"m all eyes và ears.

All eyes on me

If all eyes are on someone, then everyone is paying attention to lớn them.

all eyes|all|eye|eyes

adj. Phr., informal Wide-eyed with surprise or curiosity; watching very closely. Used in the predicate. At the circus the children were all eyes.

All my eye & Peggy Martin

(UK) An idiom that appears to lớn have gone out of use but was prevalent in the English north Midlands of Staffordshire, Cheshire & Derbyshire from at least the turn of the 20th century until the early 1950s or so. The idiom"s meaning is literally something said or written that is unbelievable, rumor, over embellished, the result of malicious village gossip etc.

an eye for an eye

an eye for an eye
see eye for an eye, an.

an eye for an eye (a tooth for a tooth)

equal punishment or revenge Canadian laws vị not demand an eye for an eye.

apple of his eye

(See the apple of his eye)

Apple of My Eye

Someone who is cherished above all others.

apple of one"s eye

Idiom(s): táo bị cắn of one"s eye
Theme: PEOPLE - POSITIVEsomeone"s favorite person or thing; a boyfriend or a girlfriend.• Tom is the táo bị cắn of Mary"s eye. She thinks he"s great.• John"s new stereo is the apple of his eye.

apple of one"s eye|apple|eye

n. Phr. Something or someone that is adored; a cherished person or object. Charles is the táo bị cắn of his mother"s eye. John"s first car was the táo of his eye. He was always polishing it.

Apple of your eye

Something or, more often, someone that is very special lớn you is the "apple of your" eye.

bat an eye

flinch or blink, show a sign of guilt or shame When they asked him about the crime, he didn"t bat an eye. His expression didn"t change.

bat an eye/eyelash

show surprise, fear or interest; show one

bat an eye|bat|bat an eyelash|eye|eyelash

v. Phr., informal to show surprise, fear, or interest; show your feelings. Used in negative sentences. When I told him the price of the car he never batted an eye. Bill told his story without batting an eyelash, although not a word of it was true. Compare: STRAIGHT FACE.

Bat an eyelid

If someone doesn"t bat an eyelid, they don"t react or show any emotion when surprised, shocked, etc.

bat her eyes

blink the eyes, blink in a sexy way Verna just stood there batting her eyes, trying to look sexy.

be the táo bị cắn of someone"s eye

be someone"s favourite person: "She"s the táo bị cắn dở of her father"s eye."

beauty is in the eye of the beholder

each person has a different idea of what is beautiful, one man"s garbage... "To him, the statue is elegant; to me, it"s ugly. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!"

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Different people have different tastes.

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Bedroom eyes

Someone with bedroom eyes has a sexy look in their eyes.

believe my eyes

(See can"t believe my eyes)

believe one"s eyes|believe|eye|eyes

v. Phr. 1. Khổng lồ believe what one sees; trust one"s eyesight. Used with a negative or limiter or in an interrogative or conditional sentence. Is that a plane? Can I believe my eyes? 2. Lớn be made sure of seeing something. She saw him there but she could hardly believe her eyes.

better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick

a catch-phrase that expresses that a situation could be much worse, hence one should be grateful

Better than a stick in the eye

If something is better than a stick in the eye, it isn"t very good, but it is better than nothing.

Bird"s eye view

If you have a bird"s eye view of something, you can see it perfectly clearly.

bird"s-eye view

Idiom(s): bird"s-eye view
Theme: HEIGHTa view seen from high above. (Refers to the height of a flying bird.)• We got a bird"s-eye view of Cleveland as the plane began its descent.• From the đứng đầu of the tower you get a splendid bird"s-eye view of the village.

birds-eye view

a general view from above Let

black eye

an eye injury that causes the skin lớn turn đen """How"d you get the black eye?"" ""Fighting - in a hockey game."""

black eye|black|eye

n. 1. A dark area around one"s eye due to lớn a hard blow during a fight, such as boxing. Mike Tyson sported a đen eye after the big fight. 2. Discredit. Bob"s illegal actions will give a black eye to lớn the popular movement he started.

Blink of an eye

If something happens in the blink of an eye, it happens so fast it is almost impossible khổng lồ notice it.

Blue-eyed boy

Someone"s blue-eyed boy is their favourite person.


a person who squints or has a injured eye


cross-eyed or having a squint

bright eyed & bushy tailed

frisky, lively, full of life Perry is bright eyed & bushy tailed tonight. He looks rested.

bright-eyed và bushy-tailed

Idiom(s): bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
Theme: DRYNESSvery cheerful & eager. (Refers to the twinkling eyes và quick, energetic movements of a squirrel. Fixed order.)• She appeared at the đứng top of the stairs, bright-eyed và bushy-tailed, ready lớn start the day.• I am awake, but I am hardly bright-eyed & bushy-tailed.


wide-eyed with surprise The little boy was bug-eyed when he got a new bicycle for a birthday present.


adj., slang Wide-eyed with surprise. He stood there bug-eyed when told that he had won the award.

can"t believe my eyes

cannot believe what I see, it is unbelievable When you walked into that cafe, I couldn"t believe my eyes.

Cast sheep"s eyes at

If you cast sheep"s eyes at at someone, you look lovingly or with longing at them.

catch one"s eye

attract one"s attention/interest.

catch one"s eye|catch|eye

v. Phr. To lớn attract your attention. I caught his eye as he moved through the crowd, và waved at him khổng lồ come over. The dress in the window caught her eye when she passed the store.

catch sb"s eye

attract sb."s attention 引人注目The dress in the window caught her eye when she passed the store,橱窗里的服装吸引了她。

catch someone"s eye

to be attractive lớn someone: "The shy man at the back of the class caught my eye."

catch your eye

cause you to lớn look, get your attention When I was in Paris, a Peugeot cabriolet caught my eye. Ah!


1. To stare at a woman/man with sexual intentions 2. A stud with many women

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