If you are not a local, you probably have your eyes on the Golden Bridge in bố Na Hills, domain authority Nang. But if you have done any research before reading this, lượt thích me, you may wonder if a trip to ba Na Hills worth it?

The reason I thought many times before deciding to lớn go because of mixed review online, long travel time and expensive entry tickets. I just wanted lớn visit the Golden Bridge. But apparently, you will have lớn visit the whole amusement park to lớn reach there. In the end, we decided to go. It will have lớn say I have mixed feelings about it.

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Zero visibility on a cloudy day in bố Na Hills

Ba mãng cầu Hills Ticket

Ba mãng cầu Hills ticket price: 750,000VND per adult, 600,000 per child. This includes the cable oto ride to and fro from the main park.

Buy tickets at the venue: As soon as you enter the main premises on the foothills of tía Na Hills, you will find the ticket counter in the area. You may still have to navigate a bit or ask the staff who are there to lớn help.

There is also a left luggage or baggage storage counter next lớn the ticket counter if you are carrying some around. Storing your luggage is free of charge.

Buy Tickets Online: You will definitely find a better giảm giá via Klook or GetmyGuide online since they give additional discounts. Sometimes they mention tickets with timings or brand them as afternoon or evening tickets. But timings are irrelevant và you go visit the park any time of the day. You don’t need to lớn take a print out of the ticket; a điện thoại voucher is enough for entry.

Book tickets online: bố Na Hills Ticket in domain authority Nang

If you are not sure how lớn reach cha Na Hills or it looks lượt thích too much hassle, you can also book a group tour that will pick and drop you off from a single location in domain authority Nang City.

Ba mãng cầu Hills is at a distance of 42 km from domain authority Nang & there is no public transport available from domain authority Nang thành phố as of now. Choose one of these options:

Group tour: A group tour will pick you up from a central point in domain authority Nang city (extra charges if your khách sạn is on the outskirts). They will then take you to ba Na hills in a shared cab. Tickets of the park & cable oto are inclusive. The tickets sometimes include a buffet lunch which is not too bad và has European options.

You get a return ride back to domain authority Nang city. Some tours also include mud và hot spring bath in a spa in domain authority Nang city. Khổng lồ be honest I don’t think it’s a bad option if you look at convenience và price. The only downside is that you will have khổng lồ move with the group. Will recommend this for solo travellers.

Book a group tour online:

Ba na Hills Day Trip from da Nang

Golden Bridge ba Na Hills Day Tour with Mud Bath

Shared Cabs/minivans from da Nang: Many operators operate their own private fleet of cars from domain authority Nang city to bố Na Hills. This is also the cheapest option that you will find. The only thing is that they may have to lớn come lớn a center boarding point for all passengers. Also, the timings are also fixed, so you have lớn finish your tour of the amusement park by that time. You can book one of the local agencies (dananggreen.com charges 130,000VND for round trip per person) or other agencies online.

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Private cabs from da Nang: The easiest option is khổng lồ book a private cab. In fact, if you are more than 2 people in a group this one works the best for you. You can book a cab from one of the private operators in da Nang or book a cab via the Grab app. The cost one way will be between 350,000VND khổng lồ 400,000 depending upon the car. A return journey will cost you between 650,000 khổng lồ 700,000VND with 4 hours of waiting. If you want to spend more time in the park, you can hire a car from the xe taxi stand itself upon exit while returning.

Book Round trip cabs from domain authority Nang to cha Na Hills

Private cabs from Hoi An: If you want to visit tía Na Hills from Hoi An, you will have khổng lồ book a private oto as well. There are no public options available directly from Hoi An to ba Na Hills. In this case, you will have lớn cross the da Nang đô thị on your way. A basic private oto will cost you around 650,000VND from Hoi An to bố Na Hills one way. They may charge a bit more for waiting 4 hours.

Private thành phố Transfers Between Hoi An and Ba mãng cầu Hills

The first thing you need to vày is lớn get hold of a map. The park is well over 45,000 square meters in area và was extremely confusing for us & it took us a while to understand how the park is spread out.

There are two levels of the park that you need to lớn navigate via cable car và the funicular railway lớn visit. The higher màn chơi consists of a French village, recreation area, spirit area (pagodas) & restaurants. The lower cấp độ consists of The Golden Bridge, wine cellar, French gardens, và Linh Ung Pagoda. A separate cable oto connects both levels.

Cable oto ride

Of course, you will board it. There is no other way to lớn reach the amusement park. But it is a hell of a ride. This is the world’s longest non-stop single-track cable car. The height at which it operates is scary at times. If you are acrophobic, better take a nap.

The cable car ride is around trăng tròn minutes long but can seem lượt thích an eternity. On bad days all you can see is mist around you. You can feel lượt thích a sock hung out to lớn dry. On good days you will witness lovely scenery, of waterfalls, jungles, valleys, & cityscape around.

French Village

The French village is lovely and a lot of time, focus & dedication have gone to it get it just right. If you haven’t had a taste of Europe, this is perhaps its closest twin. The buildings comprise of hotels, gaming sections, restaurants, churches, entertainment arenas, and even a wine cellar.

Every building you enter will be a surprise. Both exteriors và interiors are done in utmost craftsmanship & detailing of every nook and corner are thought of. I think you can spend a long time appreciating it.

A vineyard in the lower levels of the park comes with a 100-year old wine cellar. You can taste some local & imported wine there with a view of French-style gardens. The best way lớn experience it is to stay in one of the hotels here và take a tour before the tourists start pouring in.